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Screen Shots

Here are a few screenshots of knapster2.
Home Panel
This is the start screen for knapster. It doesnt do much I guess :)
Search Panel
This is where the main work is done - searching for the mp3, selecting them and then downloading them.
Library Panel
The library panel shows all mp3 songs specified in the search paths of the preferences.

It allows the queueing and playing of songs from the simple inbuilt mp3 player.

Chat/Console Panel
The console window shows the login messages from knapster and any error messages that are recieved during use of the application.

The IM windows and channel windows are also selected from here.

Hotlist Panel
The hotlist panel shows anyone that has been added to the hotlist. It shows when they are online and can also show the shared songs that they may have.
Transfer Panel
The transfer panel shows the status of downloads and uploads . It allows termination of current transfers, and provides information on the progress of the downloads.
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