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Known bugs

Found a bug have you? Well check out below if it has already been found, then either send a bug report in using the kde2 bug report feature in the knapster help, or email me the details, including what distro you are using, the version of KDE2 and QT and the version of knapster2.

Problem Status
Knapster crashes sometimes on login
There was a socket description being passed into a select call with the value of -1 that was playing havoc - all fixed now I hope.
I can not say how many downloads and uploads can be active at a time.
This feature is currently not available in knapster2 - hopefully soon.
Nothing happens when I select help in knapster2
There were no help files in version 0.1 and 0.2 and so could not get loaded. The help is currently a work in slow process.
Configure fails when I try to compile knapster
The main cause of the configure failing is because of KDE and QT. Make sure that you have the qt and kde libraries and include files installed. Also check that configure is finding the libraries in the correct places. You may need to export KDEDIR=pathtothere and QTDIR=qtpath in order to make this work.

You may also need to set the path for kde-config on some machines by export KDECONFIG=/opt/kde2/share/config/kde-config or wherever this is installed.

rpm wont install knapster because of lots of failed dependancies
If you try to install knapster from one of the rpms, you may find it fails due to unresolved dependancies that you know are already installed in your system.
If this is the case, just run rpm without dependancy checking ... rpm -U --nodeps knapster-0.1-1-i386.rpm
There isnt any way to connect ...
In version 0.1 on redhat7.1 and mandrake8, the menu definition file was getting installed into the wrong place, so only the exit menu is available.
To fix this: copy /usr/local/share/apps/knapster2/knapster2ui.rc to /usr/share/apps/knapster2/knapster2ui.rc ( creating the directories as required, and changing permissions so that the user can see them )
My songs didnt get shared even though other people have the same songs shared...
In version 0.1 and 0.2 there was a problem with the md5 calculation that made napster reject the shared song. The songs shared ok in opennap servers.

This has been fixed in 0.3

On loading knapster, my mp3 library doesnt load until I click rescan.
KDE2.1 seems to have changed a little from KDE2.0 so that for some reason the shares dont load on startup of knapster.

If the songs are not on the mp3 libraray, then they also wont be shared.

I am currently working on the problem.

When I select play song from the upload/download panel, nothing happens.
I am currently working on the play menu and as yet, it is an unimplemented feature.


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