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Welcome to knapster2 - a linux KDE2/3 clone of the Windows Napster MP3 music sharing client.

Knapster supports most of the napster protocol. It provides:

  • Search by name and group, including all of the search options of Napster.
  • Both upload and download types
  • Personal mp3 library panel
  • hotlists
  • User messaging
  • Chat channels
  • commands such as ping, whois, kick
  • In-built mp3 player and playlist
  • Inbuilt Napigator support

It can be used to connect to opennap and Napster servers.

For those that have used Knapster before, you will notice a drastic change in the user interface. It is now a LOT closer to the windows client in many repects, but hopefully it has a few extra niceties that make it better.

As it is written for KDE2, it of course requires KDE2.X and qt2.2.X. It also needs pthreads. If using the kde3 version, KDE3 and Qt3 is required.

Enjoy the free music out there ( the stuff you are allowed to distribute that is )

Visit the main sourceforge knapster pages for latest release info.

05 Jan 2003
Knapster 0.5 fixes up the compilation problems due to the gcc3 compiler introduced into some distributions.
Binary RPMS are available for knapster using kde3 under redhat8.0 and 7.2.
If anyone has rpms for any other distros let me know and I will add them to the downloads.
16 June 2002
Knapster 0.4 is finally released. I know it has been a while :)
It has been modified to compile under KDE3 rather than KDE2, and fixes a few minor problems/bugs.
05 August 2001
Pre Knapster 0.4 is in the CVS. It allows you to connect to the official servers for when they come online again.
You will have to use cvs to get the sources until the latest version is released. Visit the sourceforge cvs to get it.
11 June 2001
0.3 is out and fixes bugs with sharing songs, hotlist clearing when anyone leaves it, knapster freezing during searches on 2.2 kernels, and made a few other minor bug fixed.
Also added a Connect To dialog for providing an IP address to connect to.
30 May 2001
0.2 is out, fixing the problems of the missing menu, and made a few other minor bug fixed. Also added binary packages for redhat7.1
21 May 2001
Well it has been quite a while in coming but ...
Knaptser2 is complete for the initial beta 0.1 release. Be a tester, and download and try it today !!!
27 March 2001
The new webpage has been designed


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