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This changelog shows changes between released versions of knapster2. For more detail look at the Changelog file in the source.

05 Jan 2003
Version 0.5 provides:
  • A few minor bugfixes.
  • Changes so that it will compile with gcc3; and
  • A new redhat8.0 package has been included.
11 Jun 2001
Version 0.3 provides:
  • A rewrite of the napster reading function to prevent reading from the socket on 2.4 kernels from freezing the program.
  • A Connect To dialog has been added.
  • A fix in the md5 has been added to allow sharing on Napster servers.
  • A bug in the hotlist has been fixed.
  • Added the initial skeleton documentation.
  • Fixed the connect progressbar to show progress as sending share info.
30 May 2001
Version 0.2 is out, fixing problems with installing menu file in incorrect place and a few other minor bugs, including standardising some layouts and icons, and a few fixes for bsd
26 May 2001
Updated webpages to give some more problems in the bugs page.
21 May 2001
Initial beta release 0.1 has been released. This is the first release for KDE2 with the new code.
25 December 2000
Time to throw away that legacy code and do a rewrite of Knapster. Knapster2 is born.


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